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On this tour, your guide becomes the narrator and tells the gripping story of a young girl who once lived on the narrow streets of the Vieux-Lyon district of Lyon in the middle of the 16th century.

Young Anne was the only child of a manuscript illuminator in Renaissance Lyon. Her father, old and withering, had less and less work as the illumination of texts was becoming obsolete due to the recent and incredible invention of the printing press. One day, our young heroine Anne, finds herself swept up in a dangerous adventure, caught in the middle of a grand settling of scores between Lyon’s most powerful figures. In order to escape, she must use her strongest talent, one that she had hidden from her father: her gift for drawing.
With the help of Lyon’s greatest humanists, her mission was to illustrate a secret book of poems, risking her life and her freedom. Would she make it out of this misadventure safely?

Your guide brings this historic neighborhood to life as your group explores its storied streets and passageways and by bringing to life the personalities of this daring account.
This hair-raising tale is guaranteed to stir your emotions!

Useful information

Tour duration: 1h15
Ages 10 and up.
Starting point: Place Saint-Jean (69005 LYON)
End point: Rue Juiverie (69005 LYON)
Rate: 1 to 14 people : 225 € / group (including VAT)
15 people and up : 15€ / person
Choose your date and time.
Languages available: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Croatian (for private groups upon request)


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Rates for this tour : 
1 to 14 people : 225€/group (VAT included)
15 people and up : 15€/person (VAT included)

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Anne and the secret printing press


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