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On this tour, your guide-actor becomes an innkeeper in the 16th century (without costume) and speaks to you as if you were Flemish traders in Lyon to do business at the Grand Royal Fair of 1548.

Meet Isabeau or Anselme Fluchte ! Well-known inn-keepers in rue Saint-Jean.
Isabeau and Barnabé took pleasure in sharing their favorite places in their neighborhood, introducing their foreign visitors to working life of the neighborhood, and even showing them the best passageways (traboules) to make getting around the area easier. They even dared to divulge the best spots to buy silks.

Using anecdotes and stories from everyday life in Renaissance Lyon, you will discover the rich history of the city. A light-hearted and humoristic way to discover Lyon’s most treasured heritage site, Old Town Lyon.

Useful information

Tour duration: 1h15
Ages 15 and up.
Starting point: Place Saint-Jean
End point: Place du change
Rate : 1 to 14 people : 225€/group (VAT included)
15 people and up : 15€/person (VAT included)
Choose your date and time.
Languages available : french, english, german, spanish, italian, croatian (for private groups upon request)


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Rates for this tour : 
1 to 14 people : 225€/group (VAT included)
15 people and up : 15€/person (VAT included)

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